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A Year in Review of 2022 - And the Best New Bar Openings in Rome

Updated: Jan 4, 2023

This year in review comes just in the nick of time before the new year of 2023 mere days away! As you will see, 2022 was definitely the year of exciting new openings on the nightlife and bar front for Roma. From hotel bars and rooftop bars to street bars and cocktail bars - here's a list of where you should grab your next drink in Rome...


The first W Hotel ever to open in Italy comes to the Eternal City! W Rome is one of the most exciting new openings and a welcome addition to the hospitality and nightlife sector, officially debuting last December. And the man behind all the bars (and cocktails) at the W Rome – Emanuele Broccatelli, Liquid Manager. Showcasing his extensive background in mixology and hospitality, Broccatelli’s approach to the bar and drinking is simple – “a great cocktail is a form of art”.

Emanuele and his talented bar team mixes cocktails to perfection – much like a precious work of art.

With a drink menu inspired by the modern culture and ancient history of Rome, featuring essences of seasonal fruits, herbs, flowers, and infused spirits - you can taste the natural ingredients and unexpected flavor combinations in every drop. Handcrafted cocktails from classic to their signatures – some featuring Broccatelli’s very own DrinkIt – small batch, ready to drink pre-bottled cocktails not just made in Italy but also made in Rome - and with love.

And if all that wasn’t enough…DrinkIt just launched a line of products (also available for purchase) called ‘Ethical Liqueurs’ – a line of products using homemade herbs (mostly low Abv) based on the homeopathic herbal therapy used in ancient medicine - so drinks at the W Rome can actually make you feel better! The liqueurs - separated into 4 categories: Roots, Leaves, Flowers, and Fruit - are also the base of each cocktail. The W Rome bar menu aptly named “Perpetual Nature” goes a little bit deeper into this philosophy of Phytotherapy as well as each cocktail, incorporating some beautiful animations and storytelling elements into the mix:

Also running things in the area of food and drink are Emanuele Aspromonte, Beverage & Food Director, Nicola Zamperetti and Sommelier Chirstian D'Antoni who's responsible for the great organic wine list. Two things worth noting are: the W Rome's hotel lunch as well as cocktails being available at the bar all day long starting at 11am!

With innovative cocktails, pizza, Michelin-star dining experience, gourmet food shop, fashion, amazing ambiance, views, people, energy and beats – and of course that notorious Italian hospitality – there’s nothing else quite like the W Rome.

But more than that – this 5-Star hotel has a refreshing and modern approach to hospitality on all fronts. The newly opened W Rome conveys attainable exclusivity, staying true to its roots and ever so stylish. High-end luxury within reach and without pretentiousness. Glamorous, playful and uber-cool – this is Rome past, present and most importantly – future. #liveeternal.

Read more about the W Rome here...

Part of the W Hotels Worldwide - and Marriot Bonvoy’s impressive, international hotel brand portfolio - the W Rome boosts 162 stylish rooms (147 guestrooms and 15 suites - many offering private balconies and terraces), 3 bars, 2 restaurants, 2 shops: W the Store and Zucchero x Fabrizio Fiorani (1 high-end fashion and the other a gourmet sweets shop), a beautiful courtyard palazzo, rooftop, pool and panoramic views and FIT wellness center.

What makes this W different from the rest is a lot. There’s quite simply nothing else like it.

At the W Rome there are no boundaries – sometimes even in the literal sense (i.e. their public and private spaces that seemingly and surprisingly flow into one another. Every corner seems to be some fun new thing to discover – from hidden doors and secret gardens to labyrinth-like hallways and entryways. You don’t know what to expect when you peak behind that next corner or curtain at the W -each room is a different entity, personality and vibe.

The space which spans two 19th century palazzos was designed by Meyer David Studio using authentic Transformative Design, incorporating the building’s structure as well as the city’s traditional architecture, culture and way of life. The result is a total transformation of Roman design, tarting with the W Lounge, an elegant space of marble, sculptures, art and an open skylight welcomes you – sometimes with a killer DJ set depending on what your you enter. Step in a little further into the W Lobby Bar, another stunning space with equally eclectic seating areas, reflective mirrors and bold works of art that really pop. Located just outside is Giardino Clandestino, a secret garden inspired by Borromini’s church decorated with elegant patio furniture and umbrellas surrounded by lush greenery, topiary and water fountains. And right off this enchanting little courtyard is W Rome’s acclaimed restaurant.

Michelin-star chef Ciccio Sultano brings the taste of Sicily to Rome with Giano. Sicilian flavors, indigenous ingredients and the most beloved dishes from his homeland, Sultano creates an imaginative menu in the most lavish setting. Roman cuisine with a Sicilian twist. Giano successfully fuses two very different regions of Italy as well as their food, cultures and influences, all while using traditional Sicilian cooking methods and authentic Italian flavors. Hotel guests and locals can enjoy all-day dining Italian style and sample the inventive plates at this gourmet restaurant in Rome. But if you’re not feeling a formal fine-dining experience, you can always sample some delicious Sicilian street food specialties (coming from the same Giano kitchen) during aperitivo time in the W Hotel Secret Garden.

The W Rome also has an incredible surprise upstairs – OTTO Rooftop Bar – complete with another beautiful bar, plunge pool and lounge chairs, swanky canopied gazebos and pergolas, panoramic views of the city AND pizza by award-wining pizza chef Pier Daniele Seu! One of the hottest rooftop bar openings Rome and a wonderful destination whatever the occasion.

(W Rome)

Argot Prati - Gastro Bar

Not a Gastro Pub – Argot Prati is a legit Restaurant & Cocktail Bar where the bar and the kitchen are equally important. From the boys of Argot Campo de’Fiori, two of the founders Gianluca Melfa and Francesco Boll adding two more partners, Ivano Gambacorta and Sirio Di Francesco, to the mix comes their new concept of Kitchen and Mixing – a perfect blend of food and mixology with plates and drinks created with each other in mind. “The goal is to have a strong symbiosis between the kitchen and the counter” which can be seen on the menu and also with their Cocktail Pairings – a formula that’s not so common here in Italy.

There’s dimly lit sidewalk patio seating, a dark and intimate front room with cozy vintage furniture to congregate on and at the upper level – a rooftop open all year round.

The interiors are equally unique – a sexy industrial antique-chic. Exposed red brick, recycled materials, wrought iron, polished wood and other intricate knick-knacks throughout. Most of the décor made by their very own hands! But the craftmanship doesn’t end there…

Behind the scenes is a skillful art in action. The restaurant’s formula is gourmet “bites” that are packed with flavor and imagination. You’ll find some interesting seasonal dishes and daring combinations at Argot Prati– many vegetarian friendly but still intriguing enough for meat lovers. Each dish and cocktail complimenting the other making it the perfect stop for aperitivo, dinner and even late-night dining. They change things up a bit with their Sunday brunch menu from 12pm to 4pm, and for 25€ you’ll find all of those classic dishes as well as their ‘green’ or vegan counterpart. From marinated salmon carpaccio with zucchini scapece to meatballs and sauce to black rice with salmon avocado or Stracciatella, roasted pork leg, endive with olives and pine nuts or fennel and orange salad. You’ll also find a word of fermentation, craft beer and whiskey – and even some live music performances and DJ sets on select nights here.

Argot Prati unites the kitchen and the bar - cocktails and cuisine and the food being served there is at that same level that you’d expect from the original Argot’s liquid concoctions. Restaurant open every day from 18 to 2am so not quite as late as Argot Campo.

(Argot Prati)

FRENI E FRIZIONI DRAFT - Pizza & Cocktails on Tap

This hot new opening is from another big bar name in Rome – and another reason why the Prati neighborhood is quickly becoming a nightlife destination.

Everyone’s favorite bar (and my personal home away from home) Freni e Frizioni has expanded with a new concept bar and a new way of drinking altogether, at least for Rome. With Freni e Frizioni Draft comes quality cocktails on tap. Only these draft cocktails taste handmade most likely due to that same TLC that goes into each and every cocktail served at their original locale.

On the menu are some Freni evergreen classic cocktails, new signature drinks on tap as well as draft beer and a few select top shelf liquors and spirits. Some fun (and delicious) Freni Draft drinks to note: “Pa-low-ma” boosting a low ABV Freni spin on a Paloma, the “Draft Mojito”, Italian classics like the Fernet & Soda and Americano, “Campfire” or my personal fav – “Pink is Not Dead” – a cute little nod to their famous #punkisnotdead tagline.

The space is brand new – literally. Gutted and totally redesigned from scratch. The massive industrial space spanning two floors is cool and minimalist, yet warm and inviting. Like an urban modern art gallery meets crazy fun pizza factory with huge communal tables throughout that are great for mingling. You’ll find some familiar faces – along with some new ones – but always that incredible energy and friendliness that is almost synonymous with the name Freni e Frizioni. Only this location has one more thing to add- PIZZA!

The perfect pairing: Pizza & Cocktails on Tap. What better combination is there?! Just throw in some delicious fried appetizers and sweets, which Freni Draft delivers on both fronts. This place is a pizza lover’s dream where you can have it all – from Napoletana Pizza Margherita to Marinara with alici, Capricciosa, Diavola and Focaccia with lardo to their Ripiene (stuffed pizza) section and a variety of delicious fritti. And not to rival Freni e Frizioni’s aperitivo but happy hour at Freni Draft is equally amazing – only instead of a healthy mostly veg spread, you’ll find a selection of mouthwatering carbs.

Freni e Frizioni Draft is the ideal spot (especially for groups) for parties, pizza night, aperitivo, dinner, after-dinner drinks or snacks - or anytime in between really. Open every day from 6pm to 2am except Tuesdays. Also available for takeaway and delivery – drinks too!

(Freni Draft)

REM - After-hours Cocktail Bar

With a soft opening right before the last new year (and new strand of Covid) a new project from the Co.S.o family comes REM. This new bar concept in the heart of Trastevere was inspired and named after the Rapid Eye Movement acronym. The atmosphere and ambiance are constantly changing - the lights, music– even their drinks - mimic the different stages of sleep, spanning the 4 moods you may find yourself in each.

The drink list and the playlist all following the patterns of the brain perceived during each sleep cycle. Arrive on the earlier side and you’ll find the space brightly light with equally upbeat tunes and drinks designed to keep you awake. Every hour you visit has a different vibe – the only constant is the warm welcome and truly delicious, inventive cocktail concoctions that tie in nicely to the theme.

There’s also an exclusiveness to REM – their somewhat hidden door looks more like an underground club from the outside looking in. But inside you’ll find the coziness that can only be matched by your local neighborhood bar. Like another (dreamlike) dimension – without rules or boundaries – anything is possible for the night at REM – particularly with their super late hours! Open every day from 10pm until 5am. Reservations recommended, especially on weekends.


ONCE - Fusion Bistrot & Bar

International eclectic plates, cocktails and wine in the up-and-coming hood of Centocelle, the philosophy here is simple. It’s all about the food and the mood at Once. Warm and inviting is the space as well as the people behind the operation, who are almost all related. Like its name in Italian, every ounce of this establishment has been carefully thought out well in advance by veteran bar manager Giordano Cioccolini and his cousin Chef Camilla Italia. Once is a casual place where taste, quality and warmth mix. At the center of the room is a huge island bar that almost calls out for you to sit there the rest of the night. With high-top tables, regular dining tables, sofas, chairs, and a window looking straight into the kitchen – all pieces play into the that 'feel like home' and comfort theme. Covered in red, black and burgundy hues with some tiny details that are a nod to one of those old-world bazaars, where the most interesting foods and flavors can be found. Exotic elements elevate the simplest of dishes at Once. Italian plates revisited with a sometimes-surprising twist. Like their gyoza di amatriciana and ricotta, pumpkin sauce and Slow-cooked veal tongue tacos or their signature drinks such as the aperitivo “Fossi Fico” with dried figs, infused Select bitter, Vermouth, and Hibiscus Tonic Water or the “Attenti al luppolo” of peanut butter infused Whiskey, apple liqueur, salted caramel and Saaz hops soda – everything (except maybe your drink) is meant for sharing. A true tapas bar with original dishes, cocktails to match and the warmest Italian hospitality you can find outside of your own home.


NAISCocktail Lounge Bar & Club

Nais (which translates to “born” in French) tucked away in a little side street of Monti, was opened by Daniele Cinelli last November. The project itself is a kind of rebirth – located in the old APT bar location, Nais Cocktail & Co brings new life into the place which is quite beautiful and intimate with several different rooms and little nooks and crannies you can cozy up into. Also dubbing itself a book bar, you can see many works of literature and bookshelves flowing throughout. It’s a beautiful bar and one of the first things you see upon descending down into the cave like space. Being dimly lit, there is a quiet elegance to Nais which is mostly chill until the DJ set starts pumping on weeknights, after which the vibe transforms.

Nais was inspired by the post-prohibition period in the United States and the desire to start living again and ‘take back the night’ so to speak. This same emotion came about post-lockdown for many and for that reason Nais Cocktail & Co was born. To be that answer and that destination – to celebrate a new beginning after all the hardships we faced. And to bring people back together in the night – socializing once again over great cocktails.

The drink list is also inspired by the prohibition and the history of drinking - with classic cocktails, twist on a classic and modern classics as well as their own Nais signature drinks and they have a large selection of Gin in order to make the most perfect Gin & Tonic or Martini with. Or you can request a personalized cocktail tailored just for your taste. Daniele’s experience and passion in the bartending industry can be tasted with every drink.

It’s about substance not appearances - quality, not quantity at Nais. It’s not about the latest trends in cocktails and bartending or social media –just the simple craft of serving delicious drinks, looking after the guest and making sure they are happy. Bringing the bar back to basics with a clear focus on hospitality. That attention to detail and hands-on hospitality and service is what makes Nais all the more special. They really see that you are taken care of here.


N.O.D.O. Street Cocktail Bar

Non-Ordinary Drinks Organization. The name pretty much sums it up. N.O.D.O. (for short) is a street bar with a more sophisticated approach to mixology and their drinks. There are no ordinary drinks to be had at N.O.D.O.

The bar is fairly new (as in it opened last year) but since then, there’s been a total revamp of the drink menu and space. N.O.D.O. resembles a living room, warm in colors and tones adorned with hanging greenery giving it an earthy feel that’s really inviting. The bar is small but packed with premium spirits as well as their own homemade concoctions – spices, aromas and perfumes, all with different notes intended to elevate each and every one of their cocktails.

But despite the interiors recently having a facelift, N.O.D.O.’s philosophy to drinking has remained intact. Their approach to mixing cocktails is simplicity, elegance, and research. And because of the latter, they are always exploring news styles and forms so the bartenders (and the drink menu) are in a constant motion. Some notable N.O.D.O. cocktails currently: ‘J.K.Delaney’ of spiced rum, mandarin and banana saccharum oil accompanied by tea and cocoa, or the ‘Teresa Batista’ their twist on a White Russian with panna and orange infused white cocoa liqueur. Whether off the menu or a customized drink by request to fit your taste and palate, you can’t go wrong at N.O.D.O. Rome.

If you’re in the mood for quiet conversation the inside tables are perfect for getting cozy while the outdoor space in the lively Piazza delle Coppelle is great for groups and for congregating. This bar is the best of the both worlds when it comes to a night out in Rome. Artfully crafted cocktails and service that you would find at a higher-end establishment but the casualness and friendliness of your neighborhood watering hole. Smack in the city center of Rome (as in footsteps away from the Pantheon) but still tucked away off a somewhat hidden square, N.O.D.O. Bar is where good mixing can be enjoyed from bar to glass to wherever you decide to sit for the night.


SALOTTO STADLINPremium Concept Bar & Restaurant

This was definitely the year of great expansions for some of Rome’s bar institutions. Last February Stadlin opened a new locale in the San Giovanni area with a slightly different format. Showing its sophisticated side but still keeping the playfulness and fun…

Salotto Stadlin is the alter-ego of the bustling Stadlin bar and club in Ostiense, stepping things up with a stellar kitchen and bar. “Where drinks meet the foods of the season in Rome”.

The intimate environment below street level really does feel like you’re in a dressed-up living room (Salotto means ‘living room’ in Italian). This almost hidden, underground location is decorated in mirrors, soft lighting, plants, retro and vintage looking furniture, and some of the same quirky design elements that can be seen at Stadlin: exposed brick, iron pipelines overhead and those fun Schweppes panda bear dolls. Behind the operation is the Coticoni family – the same lovely people of the original Stadlin plus another partner Brando Giorgi- a pretty well-known face on TV.

Premium Concept Bar with an equally awesome kitchen. This is not your ordinary bar food. Some of the plates are at a higher level than some restaurants in Rome. Mixology offerings go hand in hand with what’s being served out of the kitchen. Creative concoctions that are pleasing to the eye as well as the palate. Under the direction of Daniele Arciello – award-winning bartender who has been in the industry for years following the footsteps of his father, Daniele’s generous and gracious nature is Italian hospitality personified. You’ll find him back at the original Stadlin now, although his presence at Salotto can still be felt. Behind the bar at Salotto Stadlin is bartender and Bar Manager Pasquale Viscito. Also from Rome and already with some great experience behind him formally from the Mixology Academy and also ‘from the streets’, Pasquale adds another layer to the mix. His drinks are daring and provocative, much like him. Bold flavors come out of his exclusively homemade infusions and preparations. And the result: artfully mixed ingredients in a glass. A few cocktails from Salotto Stadlin’s unique drink list: 'RA-speziato': Rum infused with bitter chocolate, gum syrup and beer foam, 'ANUBI' bitterato with Mezcal, infused dates, bitter Campari and dry vermouth, and 'SOBEK': fruttato sherry finish with olive oil fat washing, homemade banana cordial, Ethiopian pepper, lime, passion fruit puree and espresso caffe.

You’ll find some suspiring flavors coming out of the kitchen as well. Chef Daniele Tullio follows the same formula of the drink menu which renews every three months – and every time in season.

Blending traditional techniques and methods of cooking with a contemporary approach. Inspired by Italian, Mediterranean and other ethnic and international influences, Tullio’s plates really pop. Among some of their dishes: Beef Tataki with blueberry sauce and sautéed mushrooms, Braised Beef cheek with cocoa and potato puree and Tonka Bean composed of Pineapple and Coconut. Plates that are ideal for sharing – so you can sample each and every one!

Salotto Stadlin is the all grown-up gourmet restaurant & bar version of the Stadlin we all know and love. And hospitality is at the core of everything they do. For those looking for an alternate nightlife option - one that combines great cocktails with great food - Salotto Stadlin is a casual, charming place to enjoy aperitivo, small plates or a full dinner and even late-night bites with your nightcap drink.

(Salotto Stadlin)

ALTOCocktail Bar, Restaurant & Rooftop

Elegant views of Rome, mixology, music and quality food. This is Alto Cocktail Bar - the latest addition to the Roman nightlife scene that sits atop The First Musica, the third boutique hotel from the Pavilions Group. A glamorous and Modern Hotel Restaurant, Cocktail Bar and Rooftop overlooking the Tevere - everything at Alto Rome’s 3 spanning floors is a tribute to music at its highest note – from the atmosphere, design and décor right down to the bar.

Alto’s cocktail list includes signature drinks as well as classic cocktails - all prepared with love and care by Bar Manager Mauro Cipollone and the young and talented bartender Valeria Tummolo. A few off their drink menu – also inspired by music and incorporating all of our 5 senses: the ‘Tatto’ of vodka, Lillet Blanc, Red Port reduction and raspberry vinegar or the ‘Olfatto’ with Pisco Porton, Bergamot, white tea and egg whites – each one a liquid symphony. Also on the drink list is their “Martini Romanizzati” featuring different variations – and some with a twist - of the perfect martini cocktail. There are a few non-alcoholic drinks to choose from in addition and some great wines by the glass and bubbly. Drinks at Alto is not just a drinking experience but a sensory one.

Aperitivo at Alto is available every day from 18 to 22 but the aperitif formula is a little different here. Both cold and hot courses are served to accompany your drink and starting from 10pm until 2am, Alto Cocktail Bar continues with their cold plates – adding in some pastries! You can choose from 4 different types in part of a delicious collaboration with pastry shop Velo of The Frist Roma Dolce – showcasing all of their signature sweets. In another special partnership is the acclaimed 180 gram Pizzeria by Jacopo Mercuro where you can sample a few of their most popular pizzas.

At the helm of Alto’s kitchen is Executive Chef Daniele Lippi of the Two Michelin Star Acquolina Restaurant and Matteo Cavoli. Authentic cooking and fresh fish with international flavors, the cuisine at Alto is of the highest quality with its excellent raw materials and the simplicity of the most traditional recipes. Alto’s Cocktail Bar Restaurant has an ‘a la carte’ menu that is well-balanced and extensive featuring: fresh raw fish, shellfish and crustaceans, a wide selection of oysters, tartare, carpaccio and fish-based first and second courses – each one a perfect melody of flavors.

Another tribute to music is their magnetic nightly live DJ sets. (every evening starting at 18).

Exclusive and lively rooftop location, incredible food and drinks and great beats - Alto Cocktail Bar is a refreshing new destination in Rome for your next aperitivo, dinner and dopocena.

(Alto Rooftop)

MYTALE – Hotel Restaurant & Cocktail Bar

In the heart of Monti, the first Rione of Rome comes MyTale. This new 4-star boutique hotel opened up September 5th but in a few short months has managed to create a bit of buzz.

MyTaleCreative Academy Hotel has just 12 rooms spread over five floors representing the different “golden periods” of the district – from the Roman Empire, Late Middle Ages-Renaissance to the Contemporary Era. The style and design - even the materials and colors, all recalling that specific time frame. Modern and minimalist rooms each one done in a different bold color with tiny details and touches and a beautiful shower right out there in the open . MyTale Hotel’s interiors are original in both design and function. With decals and paintings covering the walls – some created by artist and hotel owner Claudio Riefoli as well as a few significant pieces by Patrizia Marrocco, MyTale itself is like a permanent work of art. But this art hotel in the center of Rome is not just for lovers of the arts – MyTale Rione Monti has also perfected the art of crafted cocktails and cuisine.

The Drink Lab is the first point of entry – located in the lobby with doors opening right onto the lively Piazza degli Zingari. Stored in beautiful glass ampoules are the most delicious ready-to-go cocktails by DrinkIt – ideal for take-away drinks that are best enjoyed outside in the square. The same lobby bar functions as a cafeteria featuring specialty coffees from all over the world thanks to a collaboration with a local artisanal coffee shop well-known in Rome, Faro Caffe. Also, on the ground floor is Sala Thais the cozy indoor restaurant dining area that seats 30.

MyTale is a metaphor and floor after floor you will pass through different narrated themes – much like in dreams. On the last and 5th floor is Dionisio Rooftop which offers you an exclusive and peaceful view nestled in between the nearby ancient buildings. Inspired not only by Rome and the first neighborhood (Rione) in which it stands, MyTale is also influenced by the Mediterranean and beyond - in both food and drink offerings. The drink menu is short and sweet, with only a few carefully thought-out cocktails that span the globe. Each drink taking its name and a key ingredient from an exotic city. The ‘Palermo’ featuring Italicus, ‘Seville’ with Pedro Ximenez Sherry, ‘Marrakech’ with dates and rosemary shrub, ‘Istanbul’ with DrinkIt Raiz and Salgam, ‘Athens’ with Mastika and cordial lives, and ‘Tel Aviv’ with fennel mint, chili soda, lime and peanuts. The gastronomic proposal at MyTale is also unique. Featuring a 14-course menu that breaks away from the standard structure. Appetizer, primi and second course categories don’t exist here. You can order any dish off the menu in no particular order - whenever you please! Taking influences from different cultures and highlighting ingredients that can be found in the Mediterranean, seasonal raw materials and international flavors come together in a perfect combo. Gambero Rosso Executive Chef Giacomo Zezza and right-hand man Mirko Ceravolo have created a seasonal menu where every product and ingredient are brought to their maximum potential. Also behind the food and beverage operations are Emanuele Cozzo - founder of the famed Bistro 64, the fabulous Beverage Manager Maayan Bazak and Bar Manager Stefano Cristiani, and the talented hands of bartenders Lorenzo Aiello and Dino Boraso that are behind every drink at MyTale. And overseeing it all (and always with a great big smile) is Hotel Manager Giuliano Cassissa, making sure everything about your experience at MyTale is seamless from beginning to end.

A quaint and beautiful little place with equally beautiful human beings behind it- MyTale should be a mandatory stop whether you are visiting Rome and need a place to stay or a local living here and craving something scrumptious to eat and drink.

(My Tale)

VINIFICIO - Wine Bar & Restaurant

Real Wine and Funky Food or in Italian (which always sounds better): ‘Vino Vera e Cibo Funky’. Opened this past year in March is Vinificio on the border of Testaccio and Trastevere. Not too far from the Tevere where the ancient amphorae used for wine came and discarded afterwards, creating the nearby Monte dei Cocci. This is the ‘punk brother’ of Pastificio San Lorenzo a name of the same vein, centering around vino. Vinificio (winery in Italian) is a new enoteca wine bar and restaurant in Rome that brings a lot of marvelous things together: food, music, good vibes and great wines.

Stemming from a great passion for natural wines and wanting to share that world with others (already enthusiasts or not) partners Stefano Costi, Alessandro Antognozzi, and Matteo de Angelis created Vinificio Roma - new type of wine bar dedicated to naturals wines where the former Rec23 used to be.

There’s a cool industrial vibe here but one that’s extremely warm and inviting. The multi-dimensional space is massive, totaling 200 seats and all done in beautiful taste. Minimal but thoughtful design elements like unfinished wood furniture with metal and steel accents, exposed brick, green plants, a mix of plush and leather seating and large works of art that pay a special tribute to the neighborhood of Testaccio. Vinificio Rome is a blend of retro and contemporary even down to their style of hospitality – welcoming and attentive but extremely casual and cool. Equally welcoming are the owners (most who are there at any given night) as well as the staff that’s always there to help you navigate the wonderful world of natural wines or their wine list– newbie or not. Everyone at Vinificio is eager to educate and guide you along the discovery process if you wish.

With outdoor seating (two small sidewalk patios), a huge main room with a little stage, couches, benches, banquette seating and high top tables for dining, an entire back room with additional tables for dinner, plenty of seats at each of their two separate bars and a deli counter where you can see all of their local artisanal cold cuts and cheeses on display. And of course, wine all throughout the place – from behind the bar, in fridges and on pretty much every shelf and bookcase.

Vinificio’s philosophy is twofold: 1. To showcase wines without sulfites hand-selected from wine makers and producers both locally and internationally and 2. focus on organic and natural wine - now over 1,000 bottles and counting. They also have a huge selection of wines by the glass – so extensive they had to build in a search criteria for their online menu! And because Vinificio changes their wines by the glass almost every week – you can literally taste something different each time you visit. Food has a Spanish flair modeled after the tapas formula only a bit more formal. During aperitivo hours you can enjoy their vast selection of seasonal Italian pinchos with your glass of vino but after happy hour Vinificio turns into a dinner destination for those who want a sit-down meal in a more casual setting than one of your formal restaurants in Rome. And with Vinificio’s partnership with Rebel's Brewery, they’ve expanding their wine offerings to include artigianal beer. Also part of the mix is live music which varies daily and on weekends a live DJ and bands of funk as well as other live performances throughout the week. Part enoteca part restaurant, live music and performance space – you can find all the best things from wine, food and entertainment at Vinificio - and all at the same level of quality. There’s really no other place like it in Rome.


MAMMA SHELTER - Hotel Bar & Rooftop

Another internationally-known and awesome new addition to the Cipro-Vatican-Prati area of Rome.

Read more about the bar in my article for Romeing Magazine...

POG – Cocktail Bar

Named after a popular game from the 90's, POG is a “cocktail bar that keeps you young”.

This latest addition in the ever-growing neighborhood of Centocelle, is playful and fun with florescent and pastel colors and equally colorful offerings. With some impressive experience already under her belt having worked for the Michelin Star Aroma at PalazzoManfredi Hotel and then Black Market Hall, Valentina Quaresima decided to open up her very own bar. Longing for a bygone era, one that inspired and shaped many, POG exudes everything that was great about the 90’s. You’ll see all the fads and trends, mementos and paraphernalia – the best 90’s games, retro toys, videos and albums, all probably considered collectables by now.

Even the drink list is inspired by the 90’s including classics revisited with a modern touch. Cocktail names and ingredients featuring some nineties reference like the ‘Miss Drono’ with mezcal, Blue Curacao, tamarind syrup, lemon juice, Pilsner foam, and red beet chips or the ‘Space Jam’ with Bitter Select, Cinzano Rosso, Fernet Branca Mentha, and tomato and basil soda. With a food formula that always keeps the drinks in mind, dishes pair with plates for aperitivo, dinner and dopocena – each one done with a fun little spin. On the menu (available from happy hour until late-night) you’ll find an assortment of crudo from beef tartare, carpaccio sandwich or salumi e cheese, a bunch of tasty sides and small plates to Frisella and ‘Scarpetta’ of Stracciatella with pesto, guacamole, gazpacho and hummus all’italiana.

Everything at POG Cocktail Bar is reminiscent of the ‘good old days’. And not just in theme – there’s a deeper force at work here and it is very nostalgic. POG Rome is a throwback to a simpler time when social media didn’t exist and the only things that mattered were who you were with.

Some say this was the last best era – where everything and everyone still had soul. This is what

POG wants to be (and is) which is a nod to those bygone days. This neighborhood bar fills you with great memories, feelings, food and drinks. A delightful place POG Cocktail Bar makes you feel like a kid again - whatever decade you were born in.

(POG Centocelle)

U-VISIONARY ROMA - Hotel Bar & Rooftop

With U-Visionary Roma Hotel comes a new contemporary “vision” of travel which looks to the future yet ties in beautifully with Rome’s past.

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You’ll see a blend of modern and traditional architectural elements – conservative but superlative and bold in design. Bringing a little modernity to Rome’s ancient historic city center. The sleek building out front is also a great contrast to the interiors within – a vibrant mix of colors, patterns and fabrics that all work together. This 4-star hotel has 5-star class service. Expect all the amenities and beauty of a luxury hotel and the warmth of home, U-Visionary Rome tends to your every need even before your arrival. Hotel services take on a futuristic perspective apart from online check-in. Thanks to a partnership with Manet Mobile (the digital concierge app) all rooms at U-Visionary Hotel are equipped with your very own Samsung smartphone during your stay! So you can enjoy free internet and free national and international calls. There’s even a tool where you can interact with the staff in real time. The rooms are cosy and refined with warm colors and carefully chosen décor and trimmings and there are four types to choose from: Classic, Executive, Deluxe and Open Suite.

U-Visionary Roma Hotel: U-Terrace Bar & Restaurant: is the main dining room – a stunning spot where you can eat, drink and lounge around (and even work) pretty much all day long. The lounge bar on the top floor is the day's perfect start. Breakfast can be ordered a la carte so you can choose whatever pleases you. Their breakfast menu is most impressive – with a huge selection of gourmet omelets (a rarity in Rome), a variety of eggs in every way possible, pancakes and waffles, sweet & savory crepes, and fresh fruit extracts.

This sophisticated space also functions as a hotel bar and restaurant open to the public. And with F&B Manager Stefano and his team, you are in the most capable hands. The epitome of Italian hospitality, serving amazing cocktails from the classics to signature drinks all day long. Until 7 pm the lounge bar is open for a chic aperitif on the rooftop U-Terrace or its restaurant inside area. With three types of “Cicchetti” (snacks): veggie, meat and fish, Pinse (one of the 3 Roman pizzas), tagliere, and of course all four of the quintessential Roman pasta: Amatriciana, Carbonara, Cacio e Pepe, and Gricia. And from the U-Terrace restaurant, you’ll see some really interesting dishes on the menu: Beef carpaccio marinated in gin, egg bottarga, grilled porcini mushrooms with tobacco-smoked dried fig oil, Zucca marinata with mussels and sage mayonnaise for appetizers, Tortelli stuffed with

potatoes, marjoram, coastal prawns and nduja, Pasta and potatoes with bell pepper water, snails, butter and sage, and parsley chlorophyll for primi, and for second course: Trota Porchetta con acqua di prosciutto, sweet potato and thyme oil, Cod with chickpea cream, seared chard and candied onion and some refreshingly unique dessert offerings - think a twist on a classic dolci.

Expect unexpected ingredients and flavor combinations designed by Chef Danilo Mancini with a long list of wines featuring a wide range of grapes and regions at all levels, including some limited-edition, rare & exclusive wines and even some bottles of vino chosen specifically for truffle pairing.

Top-notch service is transcended here at U-Visionary Roma Hotel and U-Terrace at every point and everything is strategically designed to be as comfortable and effortless as humanly possible. So you won't have to worry and can focus your energy on more important matters like exploring the Eternal City of Rome.


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