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About Me

Davvero Italy

I create customized itineraries so you can really explore Italy. Hence the name "davvero" - which loosely translates to "really" or "for real" in Italian. 

Discover Italy for REAL. I’ve researched and tested all of the experiences in my recommendation set, as well as the restaurants and bars. From mosaic classes done in the ancient Roman technique in a working art studio, unique cooking classes and tastings in Rome city center to truffle hunting in Lake Bracciano, kayaking in the Castelli or horseback riding along Ostia Antica. I can also recommend tours of the Vatican, Colosseum and the most famous squares and monuments of Rome– all done in a special way.

I love nothing more than to plan my client’s itineraries from scratch, recommending the most fun and authentic experiences and introducing them to the passionate, local experts. But the genuine connections and memories made as a result is the most rewarding part. 

Experience Italy not only through the eyes of a local but actually with locals. This is the only way to discover the heart

and soul of the country – by interacting with the natives and having them introduce you to their home.

An Italian-American from Brooklyn, former NY ad exec turned resident of Rome, I left everything I had behind to start a new life here in Italy.


And now I am finally doing something meaningful and that I love -  creating customized itineraries where I get to connect those visiting Italy to my favorite local spots and people, making sure their experience is as authentic as it is unique and unforgettable

I am passionate about all things Italian...especially when it comes to food & drink. When I'm not researching or roaming around Rome and all around Italy to check out new places, I am writing about it for Romeing, the Culture Trip, or for my own Davvero blog.

I’ve also managed to become part of the close-knit and beautiful bar community in Rome and Italy, and I love taking my clients (or anyone visiting Italy really) around these wonderful establishments.


Which is another project I am working on currently…

Lauren Caramico

About Davvero Italy and me
Photo - Kathy Karn Photgraphy 
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