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Molly, NJ, USA
My first time in Rome was magical!  Lauren curated a custom tour for our group which included the perfect mix of cultural sites, local culture, food and cocktails.  I felt that we weren't tourists but really immersed in the life of Rome thanks to Lauren's local knowledge.  The highlight was aperitivo overlooking the Colosseum in the moonlight AND the speakeasy hidden in the ancient streets we visited.  Thanks for making our experience stress-free and memorable!
Catherine, NJ, USA
Lauren made our experience in Rome so very special! She gave us a behind the scenes tour of the city and made us feel like locals. She customized an itinerary based on all our travel goals (food tour!! yes, please!). We'll never forget our time in Rome thanks in large part to Lauren's attention to detail and suggestions on what to see. Thank you Lauren!!!
Heide, TX, USA
My friends (2 friends and husband) and I loved our Spritz time with Lauren! Lauren is lovely, super friendly, knowledgeable, and loves to share her passion for Rome's culture! We booked the tour with Lauren on our very first day in Rome (and first time in Rome) which we were all thankful for because we learned all about Aperitivo! At the end of our trip in Rome, I think, combined we all had over 40 Aperol Spritz all thanks to Lauren! Aperitivo became the theme of every day for us! I highly recommend Lauren's tour to everyone but, especially for anyone who is visiting Rome for the first time, you will learn so much from Lauren. Lastly, Lauren went above and beyond and offered us so many local food recommendations and kept in touch with us throughout our trip. Her recommendations were all on point! :-)
John  & Amanda, Utah, USA
Lauren is absolutely amazing!! This was such a fun experience. My wife and I absolutely LOVE aperitivo so getting to do it with Lauren was a blast! A transplanted New Yorker in Rome, it was easy to build rapport and obviously easy to speak English. But she also speaks Italian, making it easy to go from place to place. She helped us navigate a gluten allergy with the food offerings and we’re already friends for life! We met up again the next day just for fun...Lauren is just that awesome!! Highly recommend you do this tour on your time in Rome!
Chad, NYC, USA
Not only did Lauren hook us up with this excellent insider experience, she also helped us shape our agenda for the rest of our trip! We've been eating well on her recommendations for days since hanging out with her.
Bret, NY, USA
This was a fabulous afternoon spent tasting, talking and learning about some great wines. Lauren is warm and friendly, and introduced us to spots we never would have found on our own. The wine tasting was really informative and super local. In a city that can seem overrun with tourists, Lauren showed us her favorite spots like a local. Oh, and the gelato!!!!!!
Tom, NY, USA
My wife and I were in Rome for only 4 days. It was nice to have Lauren, an American in Italy, recommend and arrange authentic experience for us. We didn't want to be a part of the tour groups migrating through the streets of Rome, instead we were able to enjoy Rome like a local in various neighborhood establishments. With our short stay, everyday was special full of unique culinary experience we will cherish.
As soon as you get to Rome, GO ON THIS EXPERIENCE! We booked this for the day we landed and BOY am I glad we did. Lauren taught us the art of apertivo by taking us to 3 very different places in the Trastevere area. This was also one of the only tours where all 3 drinks were included in the price, not just the first drink. The value we got out of it far exceeded our expectations! It was a small tour – just my husband, me, and Lauren – and we had such good conversations about apertivo, yes, but also life and who we are and where we come from. She was super helpful in steering us away from tourist traps, which was important to us for the rest of our trip. She gave us so many recommendations and I feel like we genuinely became friends because we stayed in touch throughout the majority of our trip through Italy. It was also super helpful that she was American, so we could easily chat about our shared experiences and her life in Italy. Just all around a super fun experience that we would have never felt comfortable doing ourselves, but once she taught us how to go about it, we went to an apertivo everyday thereafter. This was also my first Airbnb experience and will be hard to beat!
Ross, NJ, USA
This tour was great! Lauren is an excellent host and gave our tour group a perfect introduction to the Italian aperitivo. Lauren brings her personal experiences from living in Rome and has an awesome sense of humor. She is incredibly helpful with recommendations for restaurants and sites around Rome! She went way above and beyond the scope of the aperitivo tour and really cares about everybody’s trips and itineraries the entire time they’re in Rome. The tour is a great start to a night out, and a great start for a trip to Rome!
Christina, Illinois, USA
Where do I begin with Lauren?! She was awesome, she made my experience with the spritz event informative and fun but she also was the biggest help with my trip to Rome overall..she messaged me in advance for details on when I’d be in town and gave me so many great ideas and recommendations on where to go to fully take in Rome! I would have missed out on the authentic side of Rome had I not booked her spritz event. She even made me an itinerary for my last day here to make sure I got to see everything worth while and was always a message away! Can’t wait to come back to Rome in the future and I’ll be keeping in touch with this gem, Lauren :D
Ejaz, London, UK
Lauren was lovely... she took us to places, we wouldn’t have known about.. totally immersed in the local appertivo tradition.. the tour was not only fun but educational... what’s more, Lauren gave us great recommendations for places to visit, eat and drink... the rest of my stay in Italy was completely designed by her... she almost made my itinary for the rest of the trip... which is incredibly helpful for a solo traveller, especially if you haven’t been to the place before... would definitely recommend this tour, not just from the tour point of view , but the fact that it ll make your whole vacation :)
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