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Angelo Pezzella - A slice of Napoli in Rome

Updated: Jul 23, 2020

Angelo Pezzella in Capannelle, Rome is back with their newly reopened outdoor garden space. And perhaps better than ever since Angelo and team used their quarantine time productively – to perfect and experiment with their pizzas.

The Neapolitan pizza master and world champion Angelo Pezzella actually started out as a goldsmith. But making pizzas had always been his dream – one that finally led him all the way to Rome with the opening of Angelo Pezzella - Artista Pizzaiuolo.

But Angelo Pezzella Pizza con Cucina is more like a temple of pizza that celebrates the art and tradition of Neapolitan pizzaiuoli (pizza maker). Pizza artist and chef Angelo combines the ingredients and dishes typical of his region while incorporating innovative and unique flavor combinations.

“Le Speciali” pizzas reflect the deep bond with his Neapolitan culture and cuisine – consisting of Margherita, Marinara and Verace, with tomato, DOP Campania buffalo mozzarella, basil and extra virgin olive oil.

The more ‘eclectic’, gourmet pizzas feature toppings you would never imagine being on a pizza – surprising you both in visual presentation and taste like their: "Pizza Marinara Revisited" with anchovies, capers and dried olives, "Martucci" with sausage and provola, and the ‘Rosso di Mazara’ with shrimp tartare.

The ‘fritti’ antipasti ranges from: Pasta Cresciuta, Arancini, Croquettes, and ‘Montanara’ (pizza fritta) of Ragu Genovese, tomato & pesto, mortadella and fresh ricotta.

In addition to pizza and traditional fritti, Angelo Pezzella offers a selection of land and sea plates, inspired from his hometown. A bit out of the way from the city center but definitely worth the trip. It’s the closest thing you can get to Naples from Rome :)

Open only for dinner from Monday to Friday - Saturday and Sunday open for both lunch and dinner. Due to Covid restrictions, seating is limited (there are two shifts) so reservations are mandatory.

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