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Ode to Ostia

Updated: Sep 11, 2019

There are a few beaches nearby to Rome, but Ostia is quickly becoming my favorite. It may not be the most beautiful beach Italy has to offer compared to Sicily and Sardinia, but for someone living in Rome like me, it has been the perfect retreat from the summer heat. Seriously, I’ve been averaging a trip there at least once a week this past month.

Ostia totes many free beaches as well as some beautiful, secret private beach clubs with extremely reasonable packages for the day (mid-range to VIP) that are a fraction of the price of other nearby beaches. Ostia Lido is also home to some delicious and decently priced seafood restaurants. Beachfront Aneme e Core\ is a personal favorite of mine that I accidentally stumbled into a few weeks back.

Also in Ostia? My favorite thing to do during the summer (and if I could, all year round) Aperitivo on the beach. The beaches aren’t officially closed until the end of the month here in Italy, so it’s not too late!

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