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Roma Bar Show 2022 - the Second Edition

Get ready to #shakeit - The Roma Bar Show is back and in its second year!

Roma Bar Show 2022 takes place Monday, May 30th and Tuesday, May 31st 2022 from 12:00 to 21:00 at the Palazzo dei Congressi in EUR (Piazza John Kennedy 1, to be more precise). So save the date!

After an unexpected hiatus of over two years and one of the most difficult periods for the spirits, hospitality and bartending industry, an event like the Roma Bar Show is more important than ever before. And now we can all finally come together to support and celebrate a sector that needs and deserves it.

The first Roma Bar Show in 2019 proved to be a huge success - especially being its debut year with thousands of brands, over 150 participating companies and more than 10,000 visitors in two days.

Created by Andrea Fofi, Giuseppe Gallo, Fabio Bacchi and the founders of The Jerry Thomas Project,

the Roma Bar Show is an international bar and beverage trade show dedicated to the spirits industry and world of mixology. And it’s only appropriate that it be held in Rome “Caput Mundi” the capital of Italy, leader in the hospitality sector.

This two-day global event for both exhibitors and visitors has an impressive program of seminars, masterclasses, guest speakers, special guest bartender shifts, and a full side show of events and special menus at select bars around Rome after-hours. Not to mention thousands of spirits and alcohol brands. But not just…RBS features other beverages, non-alcoholic, specialty coffee and food.

You’ll also find some of the most influential figures of the bar and spirits industry at the Roma Bar Show 2022 - prominent names and experts known internationally. From Jeff Berry to Monica Berg who will focus on the sustainability and seasonality of raw materials in the bar. Learn about the classic American cocktails from Jeffrey Morgenthaler, Robert Simonson, Clair Warner, and Roberta Mariana – top experts in their field. Other returning and special guests of the Roma Bar Show 2022: Anistatia Miller and Jared Brown, Marian Bake, Erik Lorincz, Simone Caporale, Salvatore Calabrese, Giacomo Giannotti, Valentino Long, Antonio Parlapiano, Daniele Gentili, Simone Onorati, Michele Garofalo, Leonardo Di Vincenzo, Stelios Papadopoulos, Hector Monroe, Mirko Meneghello, Dave Broom, Ryan Chetywayrdana, Alexander Gabriel, Ian Burrell, Matteo Bonolli, Nidal Ramini, Francesco Spenuso, Livio Morena, Rudy Carraro, Antonio Zattone, Filippo Sisti, Nils Boese, Stefano Nincevich and Patrick Pistolesi.

Italian craftsmanship is at the core of the Roma Bar Show with products from small distilleries and medium-sized enterprises from spirits to beer, the ever-growing category of Italian whiskey, and last but certainly not least – food. There will be an array of gastronomic offerings at the Roma Bar Show 2022 with food trucks that cover every taste and a special food pairing by renown bartender Marc Alvarez and chef Albert Adria.

Some Highlights (New and Old) of the Roma Bar Show 2022:

RBS On Tour – Another new addition of the Roma Bar Show 2022 was RBS On Tour. A little taste and teaser preceding the main event on May 30th 2022, the founders created RBS On Tour – a unique program of educational workshops and training events spanning 6 cities in Italy (Milan, Verona, Florence, Naples, Bari and Catania) and 18 locations between November 2021 and April 2022, during which the Roma Bar Show Educational Program 2022 was presented.

Tastings & Masterclasses – Another interesting line up this year with 4 tasting rooms fully equipped with cutting-edge technology and instruments.

Seminars & Talks – 6 main seminars will be held in the Auditorium Capitals, hosting the top international experts coming in from all over the world. So you’ll have the opportunity to learn about and meet the people who have made great contributions (and history) in the world of bars, bartenders, and the spirits industry.

Piazza Italia – The RBS2022 celebrates the prized heritage of the Italian liquor industry blends and the tradition and techniques of apothecaries and farmers from the Renaissance to present day. Featuring century-old products and brands of Italian spirits and liqueurs, as well as the newer and smaller artisan producers.

Coffee Village – A new edition to Roma Bar Show 2022, featuring everything coffee because after all, we are in Italy! From roasters and craft micro-producers. Learn about the role coffee has played in bars and beyond through a selection of workshops, tastings, novelties, and the Coffee Experience Bar where café is the key ingredient and star.

Mexico Village is back by popular demand! This lively area is dedicated to the country and spirits traditions of Mexico. You’ll have a chance to talk to some of the producers and taste the best of the best products – from the most famous of the agave spirits - tequila and mezcal to raicilla, bacanora, sotol, Mexican whiskey and Mexican rum.

You can expect some BIG things in year two of Roma Bar Show 2022. To see the full program and get your tickets ASAP click here

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