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Rome Wine Expo 2023

This weekend in Roma is the 2nd edition of the Rome Wine Expo at the Grand Hotel Palatino!

RWE 2023 - Saturday, March 5 - Monday, March 7th 2023

Mere steps from the Roman Forum, this special wine convention now in its second year begins on Saturday, March 4th until Monday, March 6th. Three full days of tasting tables and stalls, seminars, masterclasses and a whole lot of vino.

And the organization behind it all is Riserva Grande - the Roman delegation of the European School for Sommeliers who have been promoting wine culture through its amateur and professional courses for over ten years. They created this Wine Expo in Rome with the main purpose of showcasing, promoting and celebrating the greatest wines from Italy and all over the globe. Covering every wine country, territory and grape the RWE aims at broadening the palate of those already wine connoisseurs and teaching those wine "amateurs" aspiring to be.

Savor the boldest of Red wines, the most delicate and aromatic White wine, Organic wine, Natural wine, Dessert wine, Bubbles, Prosecco, Franciacorta, Champagne, Burgundy and Bordeaux. You'll also be able to explore a wide range of grape varietals and wine territories from the iconic Tuscany region – home to the most acclaimed wines of Montepulciano, Montalcino and Chianti to those evolving and up-and-coming Italian regions such as Lazio. Learn the history, traditions and tasting notes behind the greatest wines in the world as you taste your way around the room. Sample by the glass each and every bottle from small batch wineries, vineyards and cantinas to the bigger brands and some limited edition and vintage bottles of wine. You’ll mingle with other wine lovers and even have the chance to talk to and meet the wine producers.

Open to the public for sommeliers, wine experts, wine lovers, wine enthusiasts and those who just want to expand and explore the world of wine. Another mission of the RWE is to engage not only industry professionals, wine shops, restaurants and hotels but also international buyers and private consumers. This wine convention is as much B2B as B2C, another reason it is a unique experience.

And to make things even more fun this year, the Rome Wine Expo will host a competition called the “RWE 2023 Wine Challenge” where a panel of experts will judge from selected wines and award a special price to the final winner.

Purchase your tickets ASAP here

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