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Takeaway Guide to Rome: Ostiense

Exploring the best restaurants open for Phase 2 in the neighborhood of Ostiense:

  • Il Pangocciolaio –Named after the dessert (best described as sweet chocolate-chip bread), pangocciolaio is served here all day long. They also have other sweets, snacks, and pizza that normally Romans would swarm in for before (and after) going out for the evening. Unfortunately, these days you can only enjoy Il Pangocciolaio’s delicious offerings on a takeaway basis. Which is still better than nothing!

  • Café Andreotti – Pasticceria, gelateria and cafeteria since 1931, Andreotti is one of the most historic pastry shops in Rome. Open all day from breakfast to lunch and evening aperitivo, also offering personalized cakes and catering services. Good news for loyal customers– Andreotti is doing takeaway so you can get all of their pastry products and desserts again.

  • Makai Surf & Tiki Bar Sadly you can’t step into their tropical world right now and enjoy a Tiki cocktail, but you can pretend you are while eating some of their exotic food. Maki’s ”Take Hawaii” takeaway menu is a fun fusion of Hawaiian, Japanese and a little bit of everything - from sushi, onigirazu, (basically a sushi sandwich), ‘platano’ (plantain chips), and ceviche to their island-inspired desserts.

  • Polpetta: The first eatery in Rome dedicated to the meatball. Every course features polpette (meatballs) as the main star, from antipasto to believe it or not – dessert! With multiple locations, the Ostiense restaurant is now open for delivery and takeaway.

  • Hopside: This beer and burger joint is back open as of this Friday the 15th – for takeaway and delivery. The menu is limited but rich and there is no minimum order. Another initiative if you wish to take part is their online tasting experience. Their ‘Casa Hopside’ Box includes: 12 mixed bottles of 3 rotating breweries and a direct IG with the brewers to tell you about what you are drinking. For more details on how to register for the next event click here

  • Romeow Cat Bistro: Rome’s first completely vegan restaurant and cat café/sanctuary is now open for takeaway and delivery from Friday to Sunday. Choose from their incredibly unique, delicious, and healthy creations featuring: their Romeow vebab, Greek-style pita, vegan wrap, pulled jack fruit pita, and their famous tempeh burger. Or if you're indecisive you can order their ‘Combo’ for 22 euro (burrito/wrap/burger or pita + dessert and a beverage).

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