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The New Project from the Roscioli Family - Community.Wine & VinumVersity

The new, free online platform by the famous Roman restaurateur family, Roscioli

Community.Wine & VinumVersity

Their mission is a simple one: to bring people together in order to share experiences and knowledge.

It's the same concept of Rimessa Roscioli, only online. Alessandro Pepe, the man behind the brand, explains the project a bit further: “Rimessa has always been a meeting place for wine lovers with a common desire to grow and have fun. In this period with a forced stop, we managed to transport the spirit of our restaurant online, concretizing this project that we long had in mind. To make the videos taken in recent years available to everyone, the impressions of the producers, the experiences in the vineyard and the opinions of small and big names in the world of wine. The video lessons are linked to the experience and history of each individual producer and territory, trips to be accessed at any time and from all over the world."

Community.Wine is more than just a meeting place for those who appreciate wine, it's a hub that connects members of the Roscioli Wine Club- a virtual world of real experiences where producers, aspiring sommeliers, restaurants and wine lovers come together to grow and have fun during the process. With educational videos and lessons of multiple choice quizzes after to Private Forums where you can ask questions, create discussions and speak directly with wine producers, professional sommeliers, journalists and wine enthusiasts.

Accessing the Roscioli universe is not only simple - it's free! Just go to to register. After which you can browse through various topics that suit your needs and interests best.

VinumVersity (the online course of the community) is an innovative way to see wine through trips to vineyards and cellars, where you can observe the landscape and scenery from the unique Roscoli perspective and expertise. "Every story, every practice, every territory is different, unique, unrepeatable and so should every bottle, every taste, every experience shared at the table" says Pepe.

Their video lessons are a reflection of this same principle. VinumVersity was "born with the aim of bringing wine back to its role as a social connector, as a carrier of stories, landscapes, cultures and people, focusing on the path and the people".

Every Thursday they will stream a real winemaker in their vineyard, discussing their land and wine. And unique content will be published during the week - with 1 or 2 new videos and a course which you can start (and stop) at any time. Every correct answer earns you points, which over time can unlock discount codes, vouchers and other prices from the Rimessa Roscioli e-shop.

It's basically a 'gamified' wine and gastronomy school - so learning is not only fun but rewarding :)

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