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Best Beach Bars Around Rome

Here are the top 10 Beach Bars in and around Rome:

1. Makai Tiki Beach Bar at Fiumicino –The Makai Surf & Tiki Bar boys have decided to take their bar to the beach this summer! Keeping somewhat with the same format of Makai in Ostiense (still open by the way!), Makai Tiki Beach Bar is now located out in the sun and sand along the Fiumicino Coast. Giving those Tiki drinks a more tropical feel and setting. Open every day from 6pm until 2am. Makai Tiki Beach

2. Creuza de Ma Restaurant and Beach Bar in Maccarese - One of the first Tiki Bars in Italy. A dream of three boys from the province become a reality in the form of tropical digs and tiki drinks. A fun and relaxed environment with killer drinks, Creuza de Ma serves up some bold, playful cocktails - in both presentation and taste. The food is equally flavorful and combined with some of the nicest (and coolest) owners and staff, makes Creuza de Ma THE place to go for great aperitivo food, sunset drinks and dinner during the summer. Creuza de Ma Beach

3. Singita Fregene - Singita Miracle Beach. Beach club and bar.

Swimming and sunbathing by day beach club and bar by night. Singita Miracle Beach combines music and art with beach and sunset views. Think of it as a living room right on the beach – with cocktails. Singita transforms itself every night around sunset. Indonesian style décor and white canopied beds and pillows replace the day time sun beds, making for the most elegant setting for drinks on the beach. Sunset aperitif at Singita Miracle Beach is one of the coolest things you can do in Rome – especially during the summer. Also open for private parties and events. Singita Fregene

4. Jerry Thomas Project stabilimento at Saint Tropez, FregeneThe Jerry Thomas Project is bringing their famous speakeasy bar to the sea! The first speakeasy in Italy has a new outpost at the beach this summer. So now you can enjoy the sun and the sand AND the best cocktails from some of the best bartenders in Rome. You can find The Jerry Thomas Project stabilimento at Saint Tropez Restaurant in Fregene every day of the week (aperitivo starting at 5:30pm). For reservations call: +39 349 85 39882. No password necessary 😉

5. Pachamama Beach, Ostia - The cocktail bar located in Pinetina Beach Village (the first sports center dedicated to sand sports in Ostia Lido) is a favorite in Ostia. Expect a fun atmosphere, beautiful setting and quality drinks by the sea. Named after mother earth in Incan mythology and Peruvian (and Pisco) inspired, Pachamama Beach Bar is a hot local spot and a summer drinking destination for those living in Rome. Pachamama Beach Bar

6. Sky Garden, Torvaianica - This pool and beach bar just outside of Rome has everything you need for a cool summer day and night. With a little garden and pool, stabilimento balneare (beach bed service), a cocktail bar and restaurant serving seafood by the sea, Sky Garden Luxury Beach is one of those great summertime spots. Sky Garden

7. Hakuna Matata, Ostia - A cool and casual beach bar right on the sea in Ostia. Like the Swahili phrase, the mood at Hakuna Matata is chill and easy. Open every day for sunset aperitivo drinks, light food and snacks during the day and hopefully one day soon their dj set dance parties will resume. Whatever the time of day, only good vibes can be found here. Hakuna Matata

8. V-Lounge, Ostia - Beach club, bar, lounge, and restaurant, V-Lounge is the stylish and somewhat upscale option for the summertime in Ostia. The beach club with their beautiful swimming pool, day beds, and ample space for lounging is perfect for both families and singles. And the stylish setting overlooking the sea draws in a sophisticated crowd, especially for sunset aperitivo. Also available for private parties, events and weddings. V-Lounge

9. St. Bar Saporetti, Sabaudia - For over half a century, Saporetti has been a well-known destination for the holidays in Lazio. One of the most beautiful beaches in the area with Torre Paolo in the backdrop, Saporetti is hardly your typical beach bar or summer spot. Their restaurant is family-owned since the 1950's with a seafront terrace and fresh fish caught daily. And their aperitif at sunset on the patio of St. Bar Saporetti is something really special with music (often live DJs) into the evening. Enjoy drinks with picturesque views in a serene setting. St. Bar Saporetti

10. Espargo, Maccarese – Born in 1988, owing its name to the island of Sal di Capo Verde is Espargo Relaxing Beach. Here you can escape the city of Rome and breathe a different kind of air. You'll feel like you've entered a tiny paradise without leaving Italy at this summer beach bar. A space that is both relaxing and fun with cocktails from the Argot boys. So you can expect stellar drinks at sunset on the beach. Espargo also has a full restaurant serving lunch Monday and Sunday and dinner Tuesday through Sunday. Reservations recommended. Espargo

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