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Covid Italian Christmas Guide to Rome

It’s true, Christmas in Italy 2020 wasn’t the nicest this year, being in lockdown and with many people unable to be with their loved ones. But the holidays aren’t over yet! And thanks to some great places continuing their operations (some even more so then in previous years) we’re still able to have that Italian holiday experience and foods to bring home.

There are still three more days left until Christmas season in Rome is over, officially ending with the arrival of Befana the Italian Christmas Witch on the Epiphany. So the first item of purchase should definitely be Le Carre Francais’ famous ‘Epiphany Cake’ (La Galette de Rois), a rich buttery cake that’s like heaven in your mouth. No wonder it is the most iconic dessert in France. For more Italian Christmas sweets & treats keep reading...

Breads & Baked Goods, Cookies & Pastries:

o Between Antico Forno Roscoli and Salumeria Roscioli and Restaurant, Roscioli’s got all of your food needs covered. Available for takeaway, delivery and on Cosaporto.

o Pasticceria de bellis Bellis for one of the best Panettone in the city.

o Grue Pasticceria is another fabulous place for artisanal panettone and pandoro…the other Italian Christmas cake. Grue also has some of the most delicious and beautifully decorated chocolates.

o Le Levain This small Patisserie and Boulangerie in Rome has an array of French desserts all made in-house. Go in person or shop online at

o Le Carre Francias This bistrot and gourmet food shop has the best French premium products from bread and cheese to pastries, cakes, and other sweets. It’s worth the trip all year around – and the closest thing we can get to Paris right now.

Specialty food & Gourmet Shops:

o Beppe & His Cheese This cheese mecca shop has countless variations to choose from, but fourth-generation cheese maker Beppe and his staff are ready to help. And everything in the shop can be ordered for home delivery.

o Ruggeri Third-generation family food shop, Ruggeri also has a great selection of cheeses as well as other Italian products like meats, olives – even some prepared dishes.

o Volpetti Salumeria is perhaps the most beautiful salumeria around. This elegant gastronomic shop is features the best of Italian and international delicacies ranging from salami (of course) and cheese to freshly prepared dishes. All quality products are also available for purchase on their online shop:

o Norcineria Viola THE place to go to for cured meats. Norcineria is actually the Italian word for a butcher of cured meats, taking its name from the place it was invented (in Norcia). Norcineria Viola has the most incredible selection of salami and other Italian meats (prosciutto, speck, mortadella, you name it) as well as top quality and service. Available for pick up or delivery in Rome…and international shipping!


o Family owned & operated Enoteca Palombi (Oasi della Birra) in Testaccio and Enoteca Giansanti in Ostiense have an amazing selection of wine and also special sweets for the holiday season.

o Another family-owned operation, Enoteca Bortone is an absolute gem. This quaint little wine shop has the most impressive selection of wine spanning every region of Italy. They also put together the cutest customized wine baskets for the holidays and throughout the year.

o Enoteca Il Piccolo- This local favorite has some amazing wines and is surprisingly authentic despite being seconds away from Piazza Navona. Available for pickup and takeaway.

o Fafiuchè This local enoteca in Monti now has an online platform and shop of quality wines called Stappato.

o Or if you’re into vintage bottles, Checchino 1887 has put together a list of some of their best (and also liqueurs) available for takeaway and home delivery depending on zone.

o Enoteca Del Frate This institution has almost everything you could ever wish for– from hard-to-find wines to the most premium brands, liquors, and spirits.

Bottled Cocktails :

o Primo Aperitivo Is a new generation of ready to go cocktails, using only the most premium of products and ingredients. Simple, classic, and delicious and the perfect way to enjoy aperitivo at home. Primo Aperitivo is an essential addition to your home bar. You can find them at select enotecas (available at Enoteca Del Frate ) or shop online:

o DrinkIt This made in Rome brand is as handcrafted and authentic as it gets. Each cocktail is made with love straight out of their little laboratory in Rome. And everything is brought straight to you at your home with their own personal delivery service. Check out DrinkIt’s latest cocktail creations here:

o Freni e Frizioni The now world-famous street cocktail bar in Rome has created their own line of classic pre-bottled cocktails and signature canned cocktails (available for both takeaway and delivery) Also available…some cool Freni swag - with merch ranging from t-shirts, hoodies and hats to special collector bottles and books.

o The Jerry Thomas Emporium (from The Jerry Thomas Project) just launched their online shop! Where you can find all of the Jerry Thomas’ spirits, mixers, pre-bottled cocktails, bar tools, books, and merchandise…even signature drink kits! So now you can have a little taste of the The Jerry Thomas Speakeasy experience at home.

And if you’re still looking for a last-minute gift (even if the person it’s for is you):

o HB Roma Perfume store and bar, with hand-selected fragrances, designers, and brands. This boutique perfumeria is traditional in practice but contemporary with concept. And one of the beautiful, unqiue perfume shops you will find in Rome.

o Not to be confused with Grezzo Raw Chocolate the vegan shop of the same name that is nearby (also a great gift!), Grezzo 1954 is the place for authentic leather, belts, bags, and luggage. They even have hats, watches, and other accessories. Grezzo is one of the coolest shops for men in Rome.

o Bags & Fruits is a unique shop of designer bags – all made in Italy showcasing Italian designers. The eclectic collection of bags are carefully selected by the founder who has a distinct eye for style, a heart of gold and a beautiful mission. And that is to support local artisans and keep the Made In Italy movement going strong.

o Books & Literature - Check out Romeing’s Best of Bookshops Guide for a full list on where to go:

There’s still time to stock up on more treats to finish off the holiday season and ring in the first days of the New Year. And even after the holidays are over? Don't worry...most of these delicious goodies are available year-round, some even delivering internationally! For anyone who is homesick for Italy.

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