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Phase 2 – Week 2 : Takeaway Guide to Monti Rome

Slowly, slowly some places are opening back up for takeaway only – one of the few things allowed in this next “phase” here in Rome. Not sure if this will do much to help businesses that rely on operating at full capacity but…this is definitely good news for people who either can’t cook (like me) or are tired of eating their own cooking.

From breakfast to dinner (and dessert) here's a list of favorite spots in my quarantine neighborhood of Monti - the 1st Rione of Rome:

  • Civico 4: Café and cornetto

  • Avocado Bar: Healthy lunch - avocado everything

  • Zia Rosetta: Unique, gourmet panini/sandwiches on their famously delicious rolls

  • Pizza della Madonna dei Monti: Roman take away pizza/pizza to go (aka pizza al taglio)

  • Ce Stamo a Pensa: Authentic street food Napolitano/Comfort Food (Montanara/Pizza Fritta, Arancino…even Panzerotti)

  • Mizio’s Street Food: Amazing selection of panini/sandwiches

  • Al 42: Gourmet street food - from pastas and secondi to salads

  • Black Market Hall: Long list of burgers and appetizers to choose from (including nachos and homemade guacamole)

  • Hasekura Ristorante Giapponese: Traditional Japanese & Sushi

  • Alle Carrette: One of the BEST Roman sit-down style, thin crust pizza (aka pizza tonda)

  • Sciue’ Sciuè: Modern Italian Restaurant were you can find the classic Roman dishes and non-traditional ones - like their paccheri crema di zucca, gamberoni e capperi (pasta with pumpkin cream, shrimp, and capers)

  • Fatamorgana: Famous for their eclectic/experimental gelato flavors

Stay tuned for a more extended list by Food & Neighborhood in the next day or so…

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