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Takeaway Guide to Rome: Testaccio, Trastevere & Prati


  • Trapizzino – This location in Testaccio was one of the first stand-alone outposts in Rome. The famous street food Romano was invented by pizza maker Stefano Callegari in 2008 and since then has expanded to 13 locations – even making its way to the U.S. But Trapizzino is still as authentic and delicious as ever. Looks can be deceiving though – these cute little pizza pockets stuffed with typical Roman delicacies can be quite filling.

  • Testaccino – I may be a bit biased since this was my ‘office’ when living in Testaccio, but this is one of those real local spots. Open all day from breakfast until ‘late’ aperitivo, the best time to pop by Testaccino is for your morning cappuccino and cornetto. While you unfortunately won’t be able to sit there and linger with the owner and staff during this period, you'll still be able to get a good sense of the neighborhood energy.

  • Pizzeria da Remo – An old neighborhood standby, this place is always crowded - even for takeaway! But no matter how crazy busy they are running around the place, these guys always find the time to crack a joke or say something funny to put a smile on your face while you wait. And despite people catching on recently, Da Remo has somehow managed to keep its pizza consistently delicious.

  • Forno Antico Testaccio – The sign outside reads ‘Pizza’ but this place offers a bit more than just that. Walking into the large (and usually noisy) living room-type space can be a little intimidating – as is their menu. But your best bet is to ask the waiter what’s good that day. And if you’re luckily, they will have just made their lasagna and fresh biscotti that day. Forno Antico Testaccio is everything you want in a casual, neighborhood restaurant- great kitchen, service, food and staff.

  • Agustarello – This tiny, down-to-earth spot frequented by locals has been around since 1957. Now second generation but still family owned and operated, Agustarello serves all of those classic Roman dishes featured on almost every restaurant menu in Rome. But you will also find some truly authentic Roman dishes here. The one most typical to the area of Testaccio – pasta coda alla vaccinara – is a must. Their recipe is really unique and almost has a mole flavor and texture to it.

  • Ristorante La Torricella – One of the few seafood restaurants in the otherwise offal-heavy neighborhood of Testaccio. Family owned & operated for 40 years, the setting seems somewhat formal but incredibly warm – as is the service. La Torricella specializes in fish purchased daily – from cooked to raw. Their dishes range from salmon, tuna, sea bass, clams, mussels, and oysters and the menu changes according to the catch of the day. Which is exactly what you want in a restaurant specializing in fresh fish.


  • Meccanismo – Friendly bar & bistro with great coffee and an ‘American breakfast’ in the heart of Trastevere is open for takeaway. Now offering a 'lunchbox' special for 10 euro that consists of a primo, secondo and side.

  • Donkey Punch – One of the coolest paninotecas with a fun, creative list of sandwiches to choose from. Budget-friendly (catering to the nearby universities) but in no way does that comprise quality and taste. The most delicious porchetta panino I’ve had in Rome to date.

  • I suppli – This is quite simply (like its name) the best suppli in Rome. If there isn’t a long line outside which is never the case, you wouldn’t even notice the place. But this hole-in-the-wall ‘tavola calda’ is a favorite in Rome – and by Romans. Besides the suppli (Roman street-food equivalent to the Sicilian arancino) they also have a delicious array of fritti, pizza, baked pastas, parmigiana, vegetables and rotisserie chicken.

  • Pizza 3 Ways: 1. Ai Marmi – one of the best Roman tondra (thin crust, sit-down style) pizzas in Rome- hands down. 2. Dar Poeta – for pinsa Romana (pizza-flatbread that dates back to imperial times) there is only one place to go in Trastevere. Also on the menu is an impressive selection of bruschetta. Open for takeaway and delivery. 3. Seu Illuminati This pizza is a whole other category – literally. Pier Daniele Seu has created something entirely new. The consistency (and concept) of his pizza is something really particular and unique – as are the toppings. The “Absolutes” pizzas are highly recommended but you seriously can’t go wrong with whatever you choose. This pizza is so good and so cutting-edge, its won awards.

  • Trattoria degli Amici: Hidden in a tiny piazza, this modest Roman trattoria is far from simple - and all heart. There is a beautiful mission behind Trattoria degli Amici which to me is the real draw. That, and the wonderful service and staff. Learn more about this operation and the incredible things they are doing for their community here.

  • Pico Taqueria & American Grill – For something a little different, this little spot is full of flavor. Their menu – a combination of Mexican/American – features tacos, quesadillas, burritos, bowls, and buffalo chicken wings. This may be a fast food, takeaway place but everything is fresh and made to order. Also for 2, 3 and 5 euro a taco, it’s one of the best deals in Trastevere.

  • Otaleg – The modern gelateria that everyone's been talking about is open for takeaway! With their laboratory located at the back of their shop, it doesn’t really get more authentic than Otaleg (gelato spelled backwards). Flavors are rich, ranging from classic to innovative.


  • Fiorentina 1942 – This normally bustling neighborhood café full of freshly baked sweets is open for takeaway and delivery (minimum is 25 euro in a 5km radius). From ‘maritozzo’ (the light Roman pastry filled with cream) to cornettos, cookies and cakes, Fiorentina is perfect for breakfast-on-the-go or a full brunch spread you can enjoy at home.

  • L’Osteria di Birra del Borgo – If you’re craving craft beer (and some food) there’s good news for you - l’Osteria di Birra del Borgo is doing takeaway and delivery of both. And a nice selection of brews to choose from.

  • Maybu Margaritas & BurritosIf you are in the mood for a different type of drink and cuisine, there’s Maybu Margaritas & Burritos– delivering them right to your door (as well as takeaway). With 5-euro Margaritas, two types of nachos and a build-your-own-burrito option available in two sizes, it really depends on how hungry and thirsty you are.

  • Porto Fish & Chips For seafood of any kind, especially ‘frittura’ (fried fish, i.e. calamari, shrimp, etc.) Porto Fish & Chips is one of the best in Prati. Now open for lunch and dinner – for takeaway and delivery.

  • Pizza 3 Ways: 1. L’Archetto Best Roman tondra (thin-crust) pizza in Prati now doing takeout and delivery. 2. La Pratolina (pinsa) Must order is the mortadella and pistachio pizza - it is amazing. 3. Lievito- Prati Pizza from Stefano Callegari creator of Trapizzino and beer from l’Osteria di Birra Borgo - a powerful combo. Now open for delivery and takeaway.

  • Ragno d’oroA casual osteria with a homey environment and the warmest staff. Ragno d’oro also happens to turn out some of the best carbonara I’ve tasted in Rome – with other delicious, classic Roman dishes on the menu. This place is still really a local one. Unfortunately, you can’t enjoy their hospitality in person right now but you can at least enjoy their food – now available for takeaway.

  • Banana Republic RomaThis restaurant-cocktail bar has been around for 27 years and its as cool as ever. A real neighborhood joint, this family-run business in Prati is luckily back in service. On their current menu: tartare, antipasti, fritti and dolce but Banana Republic’s real specialty is their burgers and high-quality cocktails. All available for takeaway AND delivery!

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